Yellowstone Star Confirms Suspicions About Kevin Costner’s Behavior

Viewers around the world have been taken by the gruff charms of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, patriarch of the Dutton family on "Yellowstone." It’s no surprise why – Costner, an Academy Award-winning actor whose accomplishments span decades, makes a perfect fit as a classic cowboy with movie star charm.

Costner isn’t just an actor on "Yellowstone" – he’s also an executive producer, who plays an outsized role in the day-to-day dealings on the "Yellowstone" set. And what does his co-star Ryan Bingham think about that?

John Dutton’s tough love approach may work on an episode of TV, but if you’re wondering how the man behind the role comes off around the people he works with, sit back as this "Yellowstone" star confirms suspicions about Kevin Costner’s behavior.

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