Movie Content Plus Video Yellowstone: 25 Things You Missed

Yellowstone: 25 Things You Missed

Kevin Costner’s modern day western series about the patriarch John Dutton trying to fight off the machinations of pretty much everyone in the world to keep his enormous ranch has proven to be quite the amazing hit. It’s action set pieces, big twists, huge cliffhangers and brutal dialogue make it a truly addictive show to watch every week. It’s become such a hit that Taylor Sheridan has become one of the biggest names in television right now. Even though he was already famous for movies like Sicario, Wind River and Hell or High Water, this series shot him into the stratosphere. He has gone on to create more shows set in the universe like 1886 which is a prequel about how the Duttons settled the ranch in the first place during the wild wild west and 6666 about the ranch of the same name that was shown off in the latest season of the main series. He has also brought The Mayor of Kingstown which stars Jeremy Renner as a fixer who barely manages to keep the city together and has Kansas City in the works which will see Sylvester Stalone as a modern mobster who tries to bring business back to the titular city.

So what have you missed from this excellent series? Well, there are a ton of hints about what’s to come. One main character in the family seems to be hinted at making their brutal end in the upcoming season. Then there are the real cowboys, ranchs, cooks and history that add to the show’s unmistakable authenticity.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Monica’s Demise
0:55 The Four 6’s
1:29 The 6’s Location
2:06 Kevin Costner’s music
2:43 Real life cowboys
3:19 Sheridan is a real cowboy
3:53 Ryan Bingham is a real musician
4:29 The Beck Brothers
5:05 Rattlesnakes
5:34 Movie aesthetics
6:17 Sylvester Stalone
6:55 Hell or High Water
7:34 “John Dutton”
8:11 Pod Shooting
8:49 Costner’s cowboy hats
9:34 British Beth
10:13 Cole Hauser
10:45 Yellowstone’s trajectory
11:17 HBO
11:52 Cowboy school
12:26 Gator
13:03 Josh Holloway
13:36 Sheridan’s favorite
14:06 Bunkhouse
14:45 Family’s end

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Grant Kellett
Edited by: Guillermo A

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