Movie Content Plus Video Yellowstone: 1923 Images Show Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren

Yellowstone: 1923 Images Show Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren

The newest generation of Duttons is finally revealed with new images from the Yellowstone prequel 1923. Vanity Fair released the first look at the latest Taylor Sheridan series, and it highlights Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, the newest stars of the director’s Sheridanverse. Donning period-appropriate attire, the pair are dressed to the nines for their new role as stalwarts of the Dutton clan as they navigate all the troubles of Prohibition-era America.

The first image in the article shows Ford and Mirren together and showing some affection toward each other. They’ll be partners tasked with keeping the family together at a tough time in the nation’s history, after James and Margaret Dutton (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill) got them to their land in 1883. Ford gets the spotlight in the next image, showing off his sharp new outfit with a suit, vest, button-down, and white cowboy hat along with a world-weary look. A pistol can still barely be seen sticking out from his coat, showing he’s always ready to take on the threats of the American West. Another image also shows him with the horse he’ll be riding throughout the show. Mirren, meanwhile, dons a stunning purple dress as she looks out over the land.

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