Yellowjackets Finale: How The Jackie Reveal Impacts Shauna – Melanie Lynskey Interview

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers through the Season 1 finale of Yellowjackets.]

We got our answer to one of Yellowjackets Season 1’s most burning questions; what happened to Jackie (Ella Purnell)?

In Episode 10, “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi,” Jackie refuses to give thanks for the bear they’re eating and snaps at the rest of the team for what happened during the party in Episode 9, “Doomcoming.” The moment turns into a heated and deeply personal argument between Jackie and Shauna (Sophie Nélisse), one their relationship will never recover from.

Shauna blames Jackie for everything that happened because Jackie stole Travis (Kevin Alves) from Natalie (Sophie Thatcher). That leaves the door wide open for Jackie to reveal Shauna’s biggest secret to the group; Shauna was sleeping with Jeff behind her back and he’s the father of her unborn child. Jackie asks Shauna, “How could you? You were my best friend. You don’t even like him,” a comment that gives Shauna the opportunity to finally tell Jackie how she really feels about their friendship.

“You’re so obsessed with yourself, I’m surprised you’re aware other people even exist.” When Shauna points out that Jackie gets everything she wants all the time, Jackie jumps back in with the ultimate in sickening Queen Bee comebacks, “You’re so f*cking jealous of me you can barely breathe.” Shauna corrects her, “I feel sorry for you because you’re weak, and I think that deep down you know it. I’m sure everyone back home is so f*cking sad to be losing their perfect little princess, but they’ll never know how tragic and boring and insecure you really are, or how high school was the best your life was ever gonna get.”

When Jackie demands Shauna leave the cabin, Shauna refuses. She stands her ground and suggests Jackie’s the one who should leave. She does, sleeps outs, it snows overnight and Jackie freezes to death.

While on an episode of Collider Ladies Night, Melanie Lynskey who plays the 2021 version of Shauna took a moment to address that shocking season finale reveal. Check out what she had to say in this After Hours clip!

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