Worst Twist Endings In Movie History

A twist ending is a very delicate storytelling device that could easily make or break a film. We’ve seen instances where a twist was well-executed, but more often than not, such a device can sour an otherwise notable movie. You’ve watched your fair share of bad twist endings, so you know how much damage it can do.

Viewers will forever remember iconic moments in cinematic history where a jaw-dropping reveal changed everything in a story. But what about those scenes where the attempt falls flat? Which are the most notorious? These are the worst twist endings in movie history.

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The Dark Knight Rises | 0:00
The Village | 1:40
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | 3:05
Now You See Me | 4:15
Orphan | 5:30
Last Christmas | 6:59
Identity | 8:21
Remember Me | 9:27
The Rise of Skywalker | 10:53
Hancock | 12:26
Serenity | 13:36

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