Worst Movies Of 2021

It would be a massive understatement to say that the coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on the filmmaking industry. Scores of productions were suspended, delayed, or canceled. Some big movies set to be released in 2020 got pushed back to 2021 and were kneecapped by COVID-19-related restrictions, resulting in a major loss in quality. But you can’t blame the virus on everything. Some of the most disappointing movies of 2021 are just plain bad, regardless of on-set limitations and delays. From cliche-ridden horror to stale cartoon fare to cringey musical schmaltz, these are some of the worst movies of 2021.

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The Unholy | 0:00
Midnight in the Switchgrass | 1:19
Naked Singularity | 2:21
Habit | 3:04
Demonic | 4:24
Die in a Gunfight | 5:33
The Addams Family 2 | 6:46
Halloween Kills | 7:54
Dear Evan Hansen | 9:19

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