Movie Content Plus Video Wolverine’s Most Powerful Foe Isn’t Who You Think

Wolverine’s Most Powerful Foe Isn’t Who You Think

Wolverine has certainly faced down a lot of brutal enemies over the years. From the beastly Victor Creed, AKA Sabertooth, to his very own son Daken, to the Master of Illusion (and regular Spider-Man foe) Mysterio, he has had a ton of memorable fights. However, his worst one probably isn’t who you think it is! Or maybe it is, we can’t read your minds!

Take for instance, good ol’ Victor Creed, aka Sabertooth, Wolvie’s former Weapon X compadre, half-brother, former roommate…whatever depending on what specific universe you’re talking about.

Ya know how it seems like every single hero has to have a villain that is basically just them but evil? Ya know, Iron Man’s got Iron Monger, Captain America’s got Red Guardian, Superman has Bizzaro, Batman has…a couple people actually. Well, Sabertooth is pretty much one of those for Logan.

Or how about Ken Harada, a mutant who is capable of generating intense tachyon energy fields, which he can focus through pretty much anything. Given his propensity for katanas, you can guess what he usually uses as a point of focus.

This allows him to cut through pretty much any substance with ease. So you can see why he would be such a formidable foe to Wolverine, a guy who has two majorly distinguishing factors, being capable of healing fast, and having an indestructible skeleton.

Is it really though? Not to the Silver Samurai, it’s not!

Point is, he has some insanely powerful foes, but as stated, his most dangerous one, isn’t one you expect…



0:00 – Intro
0:06 – Sabertooth
2:16 – Wendigo
3:48 – Silver Samurai
5:47 – Daken
7:29 – Azrael
8:41 – William Stryker
9:47 – Sentinels
11:18 – Mysterio
13:08 – His Greatest Foe

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