Movie Content Plus Video WOLVERINE in DEADPOOL 3 Explained! + MCU Secret Wars and Old Man Logan?

WOLVERINE in DEADPOOL 3 Explained! + MCU Secret Wars and Old Man Logan?

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have announced that Wolverine will be returning in Deadpool 3 in the MCU! There is so much to talk about in regards to what this film could be about. As well as if Wolverine will be appearing in Avengers Secret Wars or even an Old Man Logan solo film.

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Written, Hosted, and Edited by Colton Ogburn (

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Welcome to ScreenCrush, I’m Colton Ogburn in for Ryan Arey. And we just got the biggest MCU news of the year. Bigger than Kang Dynasty, Bigger than Secret Wars. Hugh Jackmon is back as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 in the MCU!

We’re going to break down this teaser and speculate on what the story for Deadpool 3 could be and how they will incorporate Wolverine into the MCU. AND if this means Hugh Jackman will be playing Wolverine in Avengers Secret Wars.

So we know that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are buddies and they’re always teasing each other on social media. They’re just great together. So fans like myself have always wanted to see Hugh Jackman at least cameo as Wolverine in a Deadpool movie, well, we’re getting a lot more than a cameo.

Today we got another video from Ryan and Hugh talking about how Wolverine is in this movie. [clip]

Now we know that Logan was very special to Hugh Jackman and was initially going to be his final time playing the character, he was ready to hang up the claws and try new things. I mean damn he’d been playing Wolverine for nearly 20 years when Logan came out.

So I’m not surprised that they included a disclaimed that Logan took place in 2029 and that this is a separate thing.

Now I don’t think this means that the Wolverine we see in Deadpool 3 necessarily goes on to live out the events of Logan. I think we’ll learn that this Wolverine is a variant, a different Wolverine than the one from previous films. Now don’t get me wrong. I do think this Wolverine will be very very similar and we can assume he had a very similar if not identical history to the Wolverine from the X-Men films.

BUT this Wolverine I believe will depart at some point from that timeline and be something different so as not to conflict with the masterpiece that was Logan.
And with the MCU now being in its Multiverse Saga, this allows for stories like this to happen and make perfect sense canonically.

So here are some fun little easter eggs I’m sure you already noticed but I’m going to mention them anyway. Ryan Reynolds tweeted out the teaser with “Hard keeping my mouth sewn shut about this one”

This is of course a reference to the last time we saw Deadpool and Wolverine in a movie together.

I loved hearing Ryan mention that he wanted Deadpool’s MCU entrance to be special. Which to me says not only is Marvel Studios just making the Deadpool movies, but they are including it as part of the MCU story. Meaning that Deadpool is all but certain to appear in the big multiversal culmination event, Avengers Secret Wars.

And the release for Deadpool 3 is June 6 2024 meaning that it’s likely a part of Phase 6. I mean this spot says Fall 2024 nd September 6 is technically still Summer, so maybe it comes out between this projects and the Thunderbolts in July.

And look as exciting as it is to have Deadpool coming into the MCU. We have Hugh Jackmon making his triumphant return as Wolverine IN THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. [clip, thanks MCU]

This is Spider-Man in Civil War big. Tobey and Andrew returning for No Way Home big.

And while this trailer may have said “one more time”

I think that this means Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine WILL show up in the Multiverse extravaganza, SECRET WARS.

I think this movie is likely going to feature Deadpool traveling through time and universes like he was doing at the end of Deadpool 2 and he will come across a variant of Wolverine and probably fan girl like he did in when he met Juggernaut.

I’m imagining a buddy cop movie of Deadpool and Wolverine traveling through time and universes, something they’ve both done before. And then they both wind up in the MCU.

I also think that we may see Wolverine be a bit of an antagonist at first. We’ve got to see Deadpool and Wolverine go at it, both of course having the ability to heal. This extra video Ryan Reynodls uploaded teased that we will get to see them fight.

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