Witcher Blood Origin Gets Overhaul: More Jaskier, Fewer Episodes

The Witcher: Blood Origin has reportedly suffered a major overhaul as Netflix cut down the series from six to four episodes. According to the site Redanian Intelligence, the prequel to The Witcher also went through reshoots that included more Jaskier (Joey Batey) in the series.

First announced in 2020, The Witcher: Blood Origin went into production last year, having wrapped filming by July 2021. There were six episodes shot at the time. The cast returned to set for reshoots last April, a usual procedure in TV making, especially in big-budget productions. After the post-production process reveals flaws or needs not anticipated in the initial shooting, there are always tweaks to make, leading to reshoots. However, as it is now revealed, the reshoots were actually part of a significant overhaul that cut the series from six to four episodes.

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