Winter Soldier Vs Sam Wilson’s Captain America: WHO WINS?

It’s been over two years since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended on Disney+, and Sam Wilson’s Captain America nor Bucky Barnes haven’t been seen since then! With these two making major appearances in Captain America: New World Order and The Thunderbolts to end Phase 5, we think it would be neat to imagine who would win in a fight: Captain America or the Winter Soldier? It’s possible these two will fight one another in the MCU if the Winter Soldier does end up on the wrong side of things with the Thunderbolts, but only time will tell. Here are our thoughts on this Marvel match-up!



0:00 Best Bud Battle
0:18 Sam Wilson’s Captain America
2:05 The Winter Soldier
3:34 Fight Outcome

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Written by: Alex Atiyeh
Narrated by: Alex Atiyeh
Edited by: Tim McDonald @timebombtips

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