Why this episode in The Sandman is PERFECT

Why Episode 6 Of SANDMAN Is PERFECT. We breakdown, review and recap Sandman Episode 6 and discuss how it adapts the comic, brings two issues together and discusses life and death to great effect.

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Now like many others I spent years and years waiting for a live action version of Sandman. The graphic novel is something that’s always been close to my heart and just after I finished Uni I ended up getting a minimum wage job in a shop working about 30 hours a week. This gave me about £800 a month and after bills and food came out I was left with a little bit to spend on comics. Now at the time DC were slowly in the process of rolling out their gigantic Sandman Omnibuses. These came in at about £80 each which was a lot of money for me at the time. I saved and saved and saved up for them and eventually bought the first volume. I burned through it in the space of a weekend and even though I’d had the work hyped up to me quite a lot, I was still completely blown away by it. I then saved up and bought the second volume and the book just seemed to get better and better.

Now sadly due to my money issues at the time I had to sell both books but they’ve always held a close place next to my heart and everytime I hear about Sandman I think back to those days of when I was living week to week enjoying the simple things in life.

Hearing that Netflix was adapting a live action version of Sandman really piqued my interest and incase you don’t know, bringing it to screen has been a massive endeavor for the creators. If you listen to the podcast Best Movies Never Made then you’ll know they did a big breakdown of all the original scripts and it’s clear there’s been several people trying to get this off the ground.

Initially pitched as a movie it’s now a ten episode tv show that stays very faithful to the comics.

Nowhere is this seen more than in episode 6 which adapts The Sound Of Her Wings and also Dolls house Part 4.

These are two of the best issues in the entire run and the reason that Netflix put them together is because they both study life and death.

In the first part of the entry we watch as Dream joins his sister Death as she goes about her daily routine of meeting people after they pass away. The second following Morpheus as he meets a man who has been granted immortality on the same date every one hundred years.

Now the first of these always struck a chord with me when I was reading it. Death is something that we all must face and it’s still a subject that we know very very little about. People spend their entire lives either living with faith or in the absence of it and we all have our own thoughts and beliefs on what will be waiting for us.

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