Movie Content Plus Entertainment Why The Post Credits Scene Of Black Panther Wakanda Forever Is PERFECT

Why The Post Credits Scene Of Black Panther Wakanda Forever Is PERFECT

Why The Post Credits Scene Of Black Panther Wakanda Forever Is PERFECT. In this video, we break down why the mid-credits scene of Wakanda Forever works perfectly and is a very fitting send-off for Chadwick Boseman and his legacy as the Black Panther. It is a scene very hard to not find yourself becoming emotional whilst watching and for that and many other reasons we found it to be a perfect moment in this movie. Lots of easter eggs, foreshadowing and details that make it really impactful.

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Alright so Black Panther Wakanda Forever is now out and the film is very much about loss, grief and acceptance. Since Chadwick Boseman’s passing in 2020 the world of Wakanda has had a completely new and unexpected dimension added to it. Chadwick was an actor that seemed to be in the prime of his career and though he’d had hits before there hadn’t been any that were at the stature of the first film. That grossed more than the Dark Knight did and it also earned a nomination for best picture at the 2018 academy awards.

It catapulted him to super stardom with Infinity War and Endgame both cementing him as a household name. However his life was tragically cut short due to a four year battle with colon cancer. This was an extremely shocking death due to the actors age and the fact that no one knew what had been going on with him. Chadwick had battled in silence against the disease and for over four years he kept the disease a secret that only those closest to him knew about.

That means that throughout most of his appearances he was wrestling with the disease and yet none of us knew.

His death shocked the creative just as much with Ryan Coogler having already made progress on his Black Panther sequel script.

Due to chadwicks death this had to be rewritten from the ground up with it now in his mind that the franchise had lost it’s main star and character.

What Wakanda Forever does beautifully though is that it doesn’t shy away from this and instead it embraces the loss to tell a story about grief, acceptance and moving on.

Shuri very much exemplifies these and her journey throughout pulls from the stages of grief in order to showcase character growth.

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