Why SABINE Will Turn to the DARK SIDE of the Force in AHSOKA

Why SABINE Will Turn to the DARK SIDE of the Force in AHSOKA

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Ever since Star Wars Rebels, there have been hints that Sabine Wren was going to be a very powerful dark side user. From her duel with Kanan, her ability to yield the darksaber, and connection to her Mandalorian heritage–we think that the show Ahsoka is going to see her finally unleash these dark side abilities.

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Written by Dodson Seitz https://twitter.com/BaneWruse
Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

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There is a mountain of evidence that says not only is it possible that Sabine could end up being a villain in this show, but she could be one of the strongest dark side users we’ve ever seen in Star wars.

Now we’ve talked about a lot of potential plot twists in ahsoka, like how Baylon could be a knight of ren, Marrok could be Ezra, and how the people in the other galaxy could be night sisters. Now one of the reasons we thought Ezra might turn out to be marrok is because the opening titles of the Star Wars shows always show villains in red and heroes in blue–and Mark’s helmet is blue. But sabine;’s is red.

Doug: Of course, they were all red in e pisode 1.

True. so I didnl;t think much of it. Until the training scene in episode 3. So this scene clearly connects to Luke’s training in a new hope [clips,fade]. But also, it’s a reverse of when she trained with Kanan in rebels. Small bit of backstory for you here–or a lot of backstory, this show is deep in lore.

So a mandalorian jedi named tarre vizsla creates the darksaber, then uses it to conquer mandalore–so to some mandalorians, the saber is still a sign of divine rule over the planet. During the clone wars, Maul started a mandalorian civil war when he owned the saber in combat.

But Maul also has a strong connection to the people of Morgan elsbeth–the night sisters of Dathomir. Mauk’s mother was the leader of the night sisters, and she used her dark side Magik to heal her son’s wounds and use him as a weapon against Palpatine. And this is important. Paltpaine and the nightsisters both use the dark side, but in totally different ways. We have seen night sisters like Merrin from fallen order use the dark side of the force to do good things and help people.

So near the end of the clone wars, dooku killed the night sisters, and maul left his darksaber on dAthomir–the night sister planet. That’s where it was found by sabine. And in the same episode, the spirit of mother talzin out a curse on Sabine, and uses her body to fight her friends [clip]. This is all very important information, trust me. So Sabine had the darksaber, and wanted to use it to inspire her people to rebel against the empire.

So kanan, the jedi knight, had to teach her how to use the saber. And this is what brings us back to this episode. These two sequences of Sabine’s training showcase her tendency toward the dark side. [clip for broll]

So Kanan spent several training sessions just mandhandling sabine–she didn;t stand a chance against him nor Ezra. but then, her fellow mandalorian, fenn rau, encouraged her to fight him using mandlorian techniques [clip]. And that worked. The mandalorians are the opposite of jedi in many watts. They’re passionate warriors who think of offense before defense. This is one reason Huyang says [few mandalorian jedi].

So the darksaber is a unique lightsaber, because, as kanan explains it [it channels your emotions].this is why din had such a hard time lifting the saber–he was conflicted about using it, but bo-katan never doubted that she was ready to rule mandalore.

But then, Sabine starts to do very well in her duel against Kaan when she uses her emotions [clip]. Her fighting style looks distinctly sith – powered by emotions, burdened by guilt, aggressive and overwhelming enemies with power. [splitscreen with Anakin] And she tries to do the same thing against Ahsoka in their duel.

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