Movie Content Plus Video Why Lloyd From Yellowstone Looks So Familiar

Why Lloyd From Yellowstone Looks So Familiar

Fans of "Yellowstone" know all about the rugged Lloyd Pierce, the Dutton ranch hand who’s as full of grit as he is wisdom. But fans might not know quite so much about Forrie J. Smith, even if he looks super familiar. The actor who brings Lloyd Pierce to life has actually had decades of screentime in some of Hollywood’s biggest films and shows, but his ability to disappear into a character sometimes makes him hard to spot. Do you think you’ve seen Forrie J. Smith before, but can’t put your finger on where? Here’s why Lloyd Pierce from "Yellowstone" looks so familiar.

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Yellowstone | 0:00
Speechless in Tombstone | 1:08
A minor role in Perdita Durango | 1:50
A pivotal scene in Transamerica | 2:42
Guest appearance in Better Call Saul | 3:58
Dying in Midnight, Texas | 4:36

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