Movie Content Plus Video Why Lightyear Bombed At The Box Office

Why Lightyear Bombed At The Box Office

“Lightyear” is in theaters, and its opening weekend was anything but interstellar. With weak box office numbers on Father’s Day weekend, the movie, which has been in development for quite some time, failed to grab audiences in the way that Pixar and Disney likely expected. Inspired by the “Toy Story” movies, this latest entry in the long-running franchise deviates significantly from its source material.

But the change in style is the least of the challenges for “Lightyear.” A controversial casting decision, an ill-suited release date, and marketing blunders everywhere contributed to the less than overwhelming opening weekend for the film. Keep watching, because this is why “Lightyear” bombed at the box office.

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Lifting off | 0:00
Confusing marketing | 1:17
Big competition | 3:12
Identity crisis | 4:46

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