Why DARTH MAUL Will Return In AHSOKA – Sam Witwer and Nightsister Clues Everyone Missed!

Why DARTH MAUL Will Return In AHSOKA - Sam Witwer and Nightsister Clues Everyone Missed!

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The evidence is clear–Maul, or the spirit of Maul, will return in Ahsoka. Since the show is essentially Star Wars Rebels season 5, it makes sense of Maul would return via Nightsister Marik or as a Force Ghost. Sam Witwer could even star as the new big bad of the next Star Wars saga.

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Written, Hosted, and Edited by Colton Ogburn (https://twitter.com/ColtonOgburn)
Doug as Himself

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we’ve got A LOT of questions about the Ahsoka series’ many villains–such as Thrawn, the Nightsisters, Baylan and Shin, and the mysterious Sith Inquisitor, Marrok. [clip]

But I think there could be another villain on the way, an OG Star Wars baddie who’s known for his climactic returns–Darth Maul. [clip]

Doug: Impossible, he died, twice.

True, we’ve seen Darth Maul die a time or two. But, he’s notorious for cheating death. He’s sort of the Loki of the Star Wars universe. [clip, I beg your pardon]


Doug: Person, it’s raining, are your car windows down?

My windows are down!!? I’ll be right back. Colton, take over.

Colton: sure thing!

Ryan: Everyone, Colton’s the guy who is eternally trapped in the TV, but he doens;t know that. So don’t tell him. Be right back.

So let’s talk about all the hints pointing toward another Darth Maul return–how he may have already shown up in the 2nd episode of Ahsoka–And what role Maul will play in this new era of Star Wars, and the upcoming Dave Filoni movie. [clip, what fun]

So Darth Maul was first introduced in Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. [clip]

Episode 1 of the Ahsoka series has several Phantom Menace references–Such as Baylan and Shin’s arrival on The New Republic Ship–Paralleling Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan’s arrival on the Trade Federation ship. [clip, you were right about one thing]

And then there’s these almost identical shots of Maul and Shin–dark side apprentices sending droids to gather information before embarking on their respective missions. [clip]

Now where the Maul character really thrived was the Filoni era of Star Wars. It was the animated Clone Wars series that gave us the return of Darth Maul following his halving on Naboo by Obi-Wan Kenobi. [clip]

In the Clone Wars we find Maul in a state of insanity–living on a trash planet and using mechanical spider legs to move around. [clip]

Maul was then found by his brother, Savage Opress, and reunited with his Nightsister mother, Mother Talzin. [clip]

Nightsisters are a clan of dark side wielding witches from the planet Dathomir. They channel a certain part of the force called “magik” with a “k”. It’s like magic with a “c” but you know, it’s Star Wars. [clip]

This magik is used in Clone Wars by Mother Talzin to restore Darth Maul’s mind and give him a new pair of legs. [clip, lt. Dan, you got new legs]

Now we actually have a Nightsister in the Ahsoka series, Morgan Elsbeth. We’ve also seen Ahsoka visit a Nightsister temple where she got the star map that leads to Thrawn. And, in the credits for Ahsoka we see Dathomir as one of the planets listed on the map.

Point being, we’ve seen Nightsister magik restore Maul from a Kenobi encounter before, so why not again?

Doug: Because this time he’s probably 6 feet under a Tatooine desert.

True, after Maul and Kenobi’s final encounter in Star Wars Rebels, Maul really did die. Unlike in Clone Wars where we learn he held on to life by using his hate and the dark side of the force. [clip]

Obi-Wan gave Maul a proper burial, and his body is now decaying away on Tatooine. But, imagine how cool it would be to see Morgan Elsbeth travel to Tatooine to find the resting place of the last son of Dathomir. We could see her dig up his body and perform some witchcraft to resurrect Maul in hopes that he can help restore the empire to its former glory.

Doug: But Maul hated the Empire.

Yeah but only because he felt betrayed and abandoned by his old master, Emperor Palpatine. [clip]

If Morgan Elsbeth sweetalked Maul and said something along the lines of “the Empire failed because Palpatine was wrong to abandon his most powerful apprentice.” I could see Maul being open to taking what he views as his rightful place as ruler of a resurrected Empire. [clip]

Okay I’m getting a little ahead of myself, let’s finish talking about why it’d make sense for Maul to come back before we get into the nitty gritty of how.

Doug: Well hurry up, you already tickled my fancy with Mummy Maul.

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