Why Copying Kevin Feige NEVER Works | The Reason 99% Of Shared Universes Fail

Why Copying Kevin Feige NEVER Works | Is DC’s 10 Year Plan Doomed To Fail?. We break down the strategy that Kevin Fegie used to build the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also discuss why shared universe plans rarely work.

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Ok so the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a bit of an anomaly in Hollywood at the moment. Marvel Studios have somehow managed to craft 34 projects that all interconnect with each other and due to telling this ongoing story they’ve managed to craft a massive franchise that delivers success after success.

Once the MCU started to take off a lot of other studios tried to get in on it too but where Feige succeeded, they all failed.

This has happened every single time with us constantly seeing studios announce that they have a shared universe on the way that ultimately ends up never getting off the ground.

But why is it so difficult to do.

Even DC who have a similar structure and character roster as Marvel do have found it difficult to catch up to them and there’s way more dead universes right now than there are live ones.

Well throughout this video we’re gonna be taking a deep dive on the strategies and successes that Marvel used and also going over why so many other studios don’t understand the key fundamentals.

This video was inspired by the Warner Brothers Discovery Investor call last week in which David Zaslav talked about how DC are putting a ten year plan in place that will mimic Marvel studios.

It’s something that the studio has tried to do before and I’m actually really surprised that they’re going this route.

Both The Batman and Joker were released to both critical and financial success and with them being standalone I thought they’d try and focus on something like that. It seems like the studio is not learning from the lessons of the past and though I don’t wanna just s**t all over the company this video I think it is interesting to study why Feige succeeded where so many have failed.

I think there’s gonna be a lot of opinions over this so if you agree with us then please hit the thumbs up button and the down if you don’t. There’s also the comments too if you wanna leave your thoughts and with that out the way, lets’ get into it.

Now in order to talk about this we first have to go back to what things were like in 2008. Everytime I’ve talked about this on a video I’ve always had some fifteen year old either say I’m talking s**t or completely rewrite history to make things up.

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