Why BATMAN The Animated Series’ Kevin Conroy is the BEST BATMAN of All Time

Batman has been portrayed by 24 different actors (when you total up live action and voiceover work). But of those 24, Kevin Conroy has created a body of work that stands alone. In this video we explain what he’s added to the character over the past 30 years–and why he is the DEFINITIVE Batman.

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Written by Bevin (http://instagram.com/bevinbatspice)
Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Ethan Lavinsky

Every epic hero has a complicated origin story and Kevin’s recently came to life in DC Pride’s 2022 personal story, penned by Conroy himself, “Finding Batman”. This comic perfectly lays out why Kevin registers Bruce Wayne’s anguish and torment better than any other Bat-Men. But more on that later.

Kevin was born Irish and Catholic and spent most of his adolescent years in Connecticut. At age 17 he moved to New York. Now, because his family was dealing with a divorce, a suicidal father, and a schizophrenic brother – he was on his own to figure out how to attend school. Luckily he got a scholarship to Juilliard where he was roommates with Robin Williams, and in the same group with Kelsey Grammar.

After college, he moved to California to try his luck in TV. He went back and forth from California to NY to do Off-Broadway, Broadway. He played Hamlet twice. During this entire time, he stayed in the closet because he was afraid of discrimination. Back in the 80s, coming out as a gay man could literally end your career.

In his heartbreaking autobiographical comic, he talks about the movie deal he lost because the producer heard that he was gay. Guys it seriously is a great read, and really sheds light on what he brings to the batman character. Ah! Just so good! But I digress

It was his first time auditioning for an animated role and he knew very little about the character.

After being cast, Kevin goes on to play Batman in the epically perfect show Batman the animated series, the spin off Batman Beyond, the best version of the Justice League, cameoed in other popular shows like Superman, static shock, and the zeta project–and also appeared in animated films, video games and even DCUA animated movies… [pile on the images of all his projects to cover up the screen to show case how much he’s done]

When Batman the Animated Series came out, it was revolutionary.

See this is why you get the longevity–and why Kevin Conroy’s Batman still resonates. I watched him as a kid and the show is even more enjoyable as an adult.

To shape Bruce Wayne, Creator Bruce Timm and designer Eric Radomski drew inspiration from Frank Miller’s Batman Year One and The Dark Knight Returns. Gone were the days of Adam West camp and in came the brooding, tormented Batman using the dark noir streets of Gotham as his form of therapy to cope with his trauma.

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