Movie Content Plus Video Who Is The Strongest Member Of The Hulk Family

Who Is The Strongest Member Of The Hulk Family

Just goes to show you, just because you lose control and accidentally destroy an entire city doesn’t mean you can’t settle down one day. You’d think one gamma radiation accident would be enough to turn people off of continuing to try, but no it seems the Hulk family has expanded far and wide in the Marvel universe. Even the MCU is just willy nilly creating new Hulk’s and Abominations with little regard toward safe science. However, I don’t care about any of that. Because it’s freaking awesome. The Hulk has several people close to him develop similar powers in the pages of the Marvel comics. Some of his children are incredibly strong, and just wait until you hear about his girlfriend. Let’s take a look at the Hulk family and figure out just who is the strongest among them right now!

In the MCU alone, Bruce has leveled cities, been a champion gladiator, and has taken on and sometimes defeated creatures so powerful such as Fenris, Thor, and even Surtur. It seems as though if you’re even remotely close to the hulk and don’t already have super powers, you should probably expect to see a change in skin tone and muscle mass sooner rather than later. Who would’ve thought a whole family of Hulks would one day be something the public has to be aware of. Of all the super powered gamma mutated beings in the universe, which one do you think holds the greatest power? Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment your answer, or else the Hulk might not be too happy about it. And like, I’m sure he’s swell but I’ve been told you won’t like him when he’s angry.



0:00 Intro
0:52 Bruce Banner
2:13 Betty Ross
3:27 Thunderbolt Ross
4:27 Amadeus Cho
5:33 Jennifer Walters
6:25 A-Bomb
7:23 Brian Banner
8:21 Lyra
9:02 Thundra
9:45 Skaar
10:33 Hiro-Kala
11:10 Doc Samson

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