Who is the Most Powerful Being In The MCU

All the power in the world can’t help you when Dale from Baskin Robbins comes a knockin’. With each new installment, the MCU keeps getting bigger and bigger. Some marvel characters who years ago people would have assumed were pipe dreams of ever appearing in a live action film have finally made their way to the MCU in movies and disney plus shows alike. Celestial beings, gods and monsters have all proven that we had no idea the level of power that was possible in this wide wide multiverse. Who takes the top spot as the most powerful being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let’s find out right now!

The latest MCU film introduced us to gods and universal constants in the MCU that we all thought were just a myth. The What If Animated TV series introduced us to some of the most sneakily powerful characters in the MCU. From Zombies, to party animals, to the Watcher, the power displayed in animated form could rival some of the most powerful live action characters we have met since 2008. Of course more than one celestial would take up a spot on a most powerful beings list. From Gods to Titans and back again, the power levels of the MCU only seem to be getting higher and higher. Though none of them have over 30 delicious flavors of ice cream, and will take over the universe one day. Which MCU character do you think holds the title of the most powerful? Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment your answer, or else 40 flavors of fury are coming right at you. Remember, Baskin Robbins always finds out.

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Eternity
1:49 Infinity Ultron
2:51 Arishem the Judge
3:48 He Who Remains
4:47 The Watcher
5:40 Ego
6:39 Dormammu
7:32 Scarlet Witch
8:33 Odin
9:28 Thanos
10:20 Surtur
11:17 The Great Protector
12:12 Dark Strange
13:12 Khonshu
13:58 Zeus

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Edited by: Jeff S.

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