Movie Content Plus Video Who are Marvel’s NEW AVENGERS | Kang Dynasty & Secret Wars Team Roster Explained

Who are Marvel’s NEW AVENGERS | Kang Dynasty & Secret Wars Team Roster Explained

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The Avengers were disassembled following the events of Avengers: Endgame, with most of the team retired or dead. So who is going to be in the team featured in Kang Dynasty? In this video we break down the new team members, and what "avenger" even means.

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Written by Jack Piccone
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Randolf Nombrado

#Avengers #marvel #KangDynasty

Last summer, Marvel announced not one but TWO new Avengers films. Kang Dynasty will come out in 2025 and Secret Wars will come out in 2026—a year that SOUNDS futuristic but is like, three years away.

These films will wrap up MCU’s Phase 6 and the Multiverse Saga, with Jonathan Majors playing the latest Big Bad, Kang the Conqueror. And… that’s about all we know about these movies, at least right now.

Obviously, both will be huge, epic blockbusters featuring most if not all of the MCU characters who’ve starred in Phase 4 movies and TV shows. Kang Dynasty might end on a cliffhanger, just as Infinity War led into Endgame. Those movies were also released a year apart.

But WHO will be the main characters of these films, and not just cameos or minor roles. Who will actually make up the titular Avengers? And will there even BE an actual group of superheroes called the “Avengers”? Or is “Avengers” now just a shorthand way for Marvel to describe their big crossover movies?

Fans are asking these questions because Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars will be different from the Avengers films we’re used to. Tony Stark won’t be leading a team of the Original Six. Most, if not all of those characters probably won’t appear (and definitely won’t star) in these new movies.

Doug: Original Six? You mean, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Sayid, and Baby Aaron?

Ryan: No, that’s the Oceanic Six from Lost. And also spoilers.

No, the original Six are of course Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. They were the original team in the first Avengers film and the first sequel, Age of Ultron. They were also part of the expanded team that went back in time in Avengers: Endgame.

Phase 1 of the MCU was all about setting up these characters and their epic team-up in the original Avengers film. Phase FOUR on the other hand was Marvel making a big push to move on from those original films and greatly expand the MCU’s roster of superheroes.

Tony and Natasha died in Endgame, and Steve Rogers retired. Maybe he wants to move to Florida. [CLIP: No I don’t think I will]

Clint also retired, before being dragged into the events of the Hawkeye series. So who from the remaining heroes of the Infinity Saga–and of all the new faces we’ve met in Phase 4 so far–are being set up to lead the storylines in Kang Dynasty?

Kang Dynasty’s director will be Shang-Chi director Daniel Daniel Cretton, and it would be kind of silly if he wasn’t reunited with Simu Liu. Even Liu thinks so, saying in an interview that he was excited to work with Cretton on the film.

But Shang-Chi makes a lot of sense storywise too. I’ve mentioned in a few videos how the Ten Rings seem connected to the quantumverse and whatever Kang’s plan is in the upcoming Quantumania film.

It’s likely the source of Shang-Chi’s power will either make him a target of Kang, or the perfect hero to stand against him.​​ This is likely what the post-credits scene in Shang-Chi was setting up.

There, we see Wong introduce Shaun and Katy to Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner. The rings are emitting a beacon, presumably to their origin point. Carol says they’re not of alien origin—which doesn’t disqualify the quantumverse, which isn’t really her jurisdiction. Maybe just as importantly, Bruce says THIS to Shaun.

Obviously he’s implying that Shang-Chi’s world is about to get pretty crazy. But he could also be formally inviting him to join the Avengers. After all, the three Infinity saga characters in this scene were three of the heroes that survived the Snap and helped defeat Thanos.

In Endgame, Captain Marvel was seen reporting to Natasha, who was based out of the Avengers compound. While it’s not explicitly said, that’s probably because this was a meeting of the post-Snap Avengers lineup.

While we didn’t see Bruce or Wong in this meeting, Bruce was likely still a member of the team. Wong may have been busy as the new Sorcerer Supreme, but at the very least he was likely a close ally of the new Avengers.

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