Movie Content Plus Video White Lotus: Haley Lu Richardson on the Intense Response to Portia’s Outfits

White Lotus: Haley Lu Richardson on the Intense Response to Portia’s Outfits

Just like Season 1, The White Lotus Season 2 is a major conversation starter. But, there’s one particular element of the show that’s sparked an especially intense response — Portia’s outfits. (And just about everything Portia does, for that matter.)

Creator, writer and director Mike White takes the series from Hawaii to Taormina, Sicily to focus on a new group of guests vacationing at a White Lotus resort. However, there is one returnee — Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya McQuoid who travels to the seaside town with her assistant in tow, Haley Lu Richardson’s Portia.

As we all well know, Tanya’s up to her eyes in money, spending without a care in the world and making one questionable choice after the next. While one might assume Tanya’s outlandish behavior would warrant the most scrutiny, it seems as though it’s Portia’s actions that are sparking the most heated reaction. Yes, that has a lot to do with how she’s treating sweet Albie (Adam DiMarco) who appears to have a heart of gold, but viewers are also busy ripping Portia’s style choices to shreds on social media.

With The White Lotus well into its Season 2 run, Richardson joined us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night to revisit her road to the hit HBO series and also to talk all things Portia, including her fashion. We’ll have the full conversation for you as soon as Episode 5 drops on Sunday, November 27th, but for now, here’s Richardson’s response to the very spicy takes on Portia’s style.

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