What’s Next for Adam Warlock: Secret KANG Connection EXPLAINED

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Adam Warlock is going to be a major player in the cosmic Marvel Cinematic Universe! We outline how the MCU can adapt one of the all-time greatest stories, the Magus Saga, and make kang the overall villain/frenemy for Adam Warlock after Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3!

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

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I’m here to talk about the best character in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. The movie was exceptional, the best trilogy, maybe the best part 3 of any trilogy ever–I laughed, I cried, and I’m excited for the future. But I think we may look back at this movie and reme,ebr it as the MCU movie that introduced Adam Warlock into the MCU.

Doug: That himbo secondary villain?

Ah, but Doug is so much more. Warlock has the potential to become THE character in the cosmic side of the MCU, and we have thought of a way that his movie would be instrumental in how it ties into kang, the Kang Dynasty, and secret wars.

Seriously, we are so excited about how this can play out, and I can;’ wait to explain it to you. I’m going to run through some of Adam’s history in the comics. We touched on this in our breakdown video, but we’re going to go into way more detail here, because this will be key in understanding what is next, going forward. Then I’ll talk about warlock’s solo movie, and how it can tie in with the slum lord solo movie we talked about in this video where star lord teams up with the eternals to face off against the celestials.

So what we saw in Guardians, that’s about 1% of warlocks’ story in the comics. The movie w as actually pretty loyal to his early appearances. He is created by a group called the enclave, who wanted to create a genetically perfect person. Unlike the highly evolutionary, they succeeded. But there were skins of the young and dumb. In his second appearance, he sees lady si and says, “yeah, I wanna mate with her ” then has to fight thor.

Warlock also does this thing where, if he dies or is near death, he creates a cocoon around himself. When the cocoon hatches, his memory is shaky, he may have new powers–he’s a little bit like Dr Who [clip].

His cousin is found by the high evolutionary, who is just building counter earth. So in the comics, the high evolutionary war was trying to make any-men for counter earth, like in the movie. And these animals were also way too violent. One of them was a mutated wolf who called himself the man beast. So when the high evolutionary actually finished counter earth and was about to fill it with peaceful, perfect humans, the man beast corrupted them so they would do evil things.

Making the man beat is kind of like the evil of this world. So writer Roy Thomas made Adam into the savior of counter earth–the messiah. He got a ragtag group of tens to follow him around-and then introduced a counter earth version of dr doom and reed richards. I think Thomas just liked having his own earth to play with, where he could see whatever charters he wanted.

So man beast becomes president and sentences warlock to death–I’m not making this up. Adam is crucified, then reduced, defeats man beats, and ascends into space.

Doug: That’s uh…pretty new testament.

Yes it is. So I doubt we’ll see any of that in the movie, since counter earth is at owen and beru levels of crispy. But I’m telling you this to establish that being a religious figure is in the DNA of Adam warlock. There’s always societie who looks to him as a golden god. And Adam always thinks of himself as a champion of life.

Warlock is a character who is so powerful, the only villain who can really defeat him is himself. And that’s who is going to be the main villain of a warlock movie.

Doug: This makes no sense. It’s like when you tried to explain the ending of Planet of the apes.

That ending makes perfect sense, and so does this. Let me explain.

So the best thing to happen to Adam Warlock was the writer and artist Jim starlin–this is him in Endgame. Starlin was marvel’s cosmic mastermind for decades. He and Steve Englehart would drop acid and walk around the city, dreaming up these wild concepts–don’t do that, yet that’s really dangerous and drugs are bad. [you want to go home and rethink your life].

Starlin wrote the stories that were eventually turned into Infinty War and Endgame, two of the highest grossing movies of all time.

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