Movie Content Plus Video Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Spartacus?

Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Spartacus?

The brutal Starz series "Spartacus" was known for its highly-stylized gore and its many liberties taken with historical fact. Lasting four seasons, it covers one of the greatest rebel leaders in history, his allies, and his many, many foes. Here’s what the cast of the popular show is up to now.

Liam McIntyre | 0:00
Lucy Lawless | 1:06
John Hannah | 1:44
Manu Bennett | 2:30
Peter Mensah | 3:27
Daniel Feuerriegel | 4:27
Nick E. Tarabay | 5:14
Katrina Law | 6:04
Cynthia Addai-Robinson | 6:47
Viva Bianca | 7:55
Craig Parker | 8:47
Dustin Clare | 9:50
Ellen Hollman | 10:25
Pana Hema Taylor | 11:06

Voiceover By: Jesse Connell

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