What You Need To Know Before The King’s Man Comes Out

No, "The King’s Man" isn’t "Kingsman 3," but it adds depth to the "Kingsman" action-comedy franchise, based on the comic book series of the same name. The epic prequel, set against the backdrop of World War I, is an origin tale for the "Kingsman" organization, meaning you can watch and enjoy "The King’s Man" even if you haven’t seen the other "Kingsman" films yet. Fans of the franchise, however, will surely get a lot out of the period film, starring Harris Dickinson and Ralph Fiennes. Wondering how "The King’s Man" fits into the franchise and who else is on board? Watch this before "The King’s Man" comes out.

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Name changes and big delays | 0:00
Hail to the king | 0:51
What year is it? | 1:22
All the king’s men? | 1:58
The King’s Man’s story | 2:48
Leading men | 3:16
Supporting players | 4:23
The Kingsman’s future | 5:35
A King’s bounty | 6:38

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