What The MCU Thunderbolts Movie Could Look Like

Justice, like lightning, is finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A solo film revolving around the Thunderbolts has officially been announced, with shooting supposedly beginning next summer. Comic fans are buzzing about the introduction of this team of villains-turned-heroes to the MCU, and it’s been confirmed that several familiar faces will be returning for this movie.

The Thunderbolts are some of my favorite characters in all of Marvel, and they have the potential to really change the face of the MCU moving forward. The idea of having a team of villains perform heroic deeds isn’t exactly new, but if done right, the film could help put a breath of fresh air in the superhero genre. So join me as I take a look at which villains could make up the MCU’s Thunderbolts, as well as what the team’s first solo outing could look like. If you enjoy this video, make sure you leave a like and subscribe to the channel, and let us know in the comments who you’d like to see in the Thunderbolts. Thank you for watching!

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Who are the Thunderbolts?
2:43 Familiar Faces from the MCU
7:40 Justice, Like Lightning

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