Movie Content Plus Video What The Cast Of Vikings: Valhalla Looks Like In Real Life

What The Cast Of Vikings: Valhalla Looks Like In Real Life

"Vikings: Valhalla" is set to continue the epic saga of the acclaimed series "Vikings," moving the action over a century forward and focusing on Greenlander Leif Eriksson – along with a ton of other important figures straight out of this bloody era in history. With high-octane battles, warring kingdoms, and fearless fighters, "Vikings: Valhalla" is primed to become one of the most exciting shows on television. Getting into character to portray all these iconic characters couldn’t have been easy for the cast – especially considering how different they all look in real life. Here’s a breakdown of the main cast of "Vikings: Valhalla," and a look at what the cast actually looks like in real life.

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Leif Eriksson | 0:00
Freydis Eriksdotter | 1:20
Harald Sigurdsson | 2:16
King Canute | 3:06
Olaf Haraldsson | 4:03
Jarl Haakon | 5:12
Emma of Normandy | 6:09
Earl of Godwin | 7:00
Prince Edmund | 7:33
King Aethelred II | 8:15
Jarl Kåre | 9:00
Aelfgifu of Northampton | 9:42
King Sweyn Forkbeard | 10:22

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