Movie Content Plus Video What The Cast Of The Santa Clause Looks Like Today

What The Cast Of The Santa Clause Looks Like Today

The Santa Clause and its sequels have become something of a classic holiday franchise, featuring the lovable characters played by Tim Allen and his supporting cast. Now almost 30 years old, the original film has aged remarkably well, but some of the actors who created it look completely different than they did at the time of filming. Sadly, not all of the actors are still with us, but most are, and they’ve appeared in many successful other shows and movies that we’ll show you. It’s enough great history to make you want to fire up The Santa Clause again. Here’s what the cast of The Santa Clause looks like today.

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Tim Allen – Scott Calvin | 0:00
Eric Lloyd – Charlie Calvin | 1:06
David Krumholtz – Bernard | 1:57
Wendy Crewson – Laura Calvin Miller | 2:48
Judge Reinhold – Dr. Neil Miller | 3:34
Peter Boyle – Mr. Whittle | 4:10

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