What The Cast Of Batman Returns Looks Like Today

Superhero movies have been having their golden age for well over a decade now – but in the beginning, Batman almost stood alone.

Released in 1989, the first "Batman" movie was a landmark in superhero cinema, bringing the World’s Greatest Detective to the big screen for the first time. Now, you can compare "The Batman" to "The Dark Knight" trilogy until your lungs are sore, but at the time, there was little to compare "Batman" to but "Superman: The Movie."

Three years later, the world returned to Gotham City with a follow-up, fittingly titled "Batman Returns." This is what the cast of "Batman Returns" looks like today.

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Michael Keaton | 0:00
Michelle Pfeiffer | 1:13
Danny DeVito | 2:04
Christopher Walken | 3:15
Paul Reubens | 4:19
Diane Salinger | 5:26
Michael Murphy | 6:15
Jan Hooks | 7:08
Steve Witting | 8:01
Michael Gough | 9:00
Pat Hingle | 9:59
Vincent Schiavelli | 10:53

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