Movie Content Plus Video What Sony’s Sinister Six Could Look Like

What Sony’s Sinister Six Could Look Like

So far, the most sinister thing about Sony’s Spider-Man movies has been Sony itself.

For years, Sony Pictures has been trying to establish their own cinematic Spider-Verse, intending to bring together the Sinister Six to face off against the Wall-Crawler. Unfortunately, the villainous team has never actually assembled on screen… mostly due to the studio’s impatience in crafting their universe.

However, there’s now a golden opportunity to finally introduce the group thanks to Sony and Marvel Studios’ landmark deal. While a solo film hasn’t been officially announced, several hints have been dropped across various films that imply that the Six are finally coming together, with multiple potential members already in place.

Let’s take a look back through the studio’s various attempts to get the villainous team on the big screen, and piece together just what the modern-day version of Sony’s Sinister Six could look like.


0:00 Intro
0:52 Sony’s Sinister Plans
4:39 Spidey at Marvel Studios
11:29 Recruiting Villains

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