What Seeing Superman In 1978 Was Really Like

After dozens of high-budget (and even critically acclaimed) modern-day superhero movies, it can be easy to forget that examples of the genre were once a rarity on the big screen. Richard Donner’s live-action "Superman: The Movie" changed all that when it arrived in 1978. As the tagline said, "You will believe a man can fly," and millions of viewers across America definitely did. The film brought an unheard of sense of awe to superheroes on the big screen, and forever changed both the superhero genre and big-budget filmmaking. This is what it was really like to see "Superman" in 1978.

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Man of Steel | 0:00
The Star Wars effect | 1:18
Spreading the word | 2:45
A new hero | 4:01
Movie magic | 5:40
Simpler times | 7:01
The gamble | 8:28
Brando | 9:48
Birth of a franchise | 11:04

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