Movie Content Plus Video What No One Realized About Kang The Conqueror In The MCU

What No One Realized About Kang The Conqueror In The MCU

Loki’s final episode introduced us to He Who Remains and that epic monologue scene basically set up the MCU’s next few years. We’re officially in the Multiverse Saga and we’ll be seeing Kang the Conqueror knocking on our door sooner rather than later. And it was established in Loki that He Who Remains was adamant about protecting the sacred timeline in order to stop another multiversal war. Though because he was tired of the job, he was happy to let Sylvie dive a knife into his chest. The results caused more branches in the timeline and will lead to the massive Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

Does this mean that He Who Remains was specifically manipulating the timeline the entire time? Did he specifically alter certain events in order to stop multiversal war from happening sooner? What would that even entail? Well maybe the MCU can use this as a way to explain why there have been such deviations from certain arcs from the comics to live action. Infinity War was a drastic change from the comic story it was based on, but now the MCU has the opportunity to say that was intentional because of He Who Remains’ actions. Maybe he’s been influencing certain events like this the entire time and now that he’s gone, the MCU is veering closer back to its comic roots. That would be an explanation for the evil Wanda and Spider-Man’s transition from Tony Stark Jr., to this more grounded version. Does that make sense? Let’s find out!

Join me as I discuss how He Who Remains may have completely altered the timeline and what that means now that he’s gone. After you’re done, be sure to tell me what your thoughts about this theory are, and be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button! Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get started.



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