Movie Content Plus Video What Morbius Should Have Looked Like

What Morbius Should Have Looked Like

Dr. Michael Morbius is finally gracing our big screens and the movie has been met with a resounding “meh.” The movie itself, to put it mildly, is a huge disappointment and can’t be the next chapter of the Sonyverse that Sony envisioned in their plans to catch up to the MCU. But what exactly went wrong with this film and was there a way to fix it? Well, that’s what I’m here today to discuss!

If we look at the new Sonyverse film starring the most boring vampire in the last few years it’s clear there’s a lot that could be improved upon in the film. If you revamp the story to make it more in line with the comics, if you give the supporting cast more to do, and you perhaps cast someone else other than Jared Leto in the role, then maybe you would have an interesting movie. No notes for Matt Smith though, who steals the show with such a haunted, terrifying, charismatic performance that you sort of wish he was the lead to begin with! And of course, we have to talk about those post credit scenes because they make no sense. The only good thing about the post credit scenes is that they are so bafflingly terrible that people are quick to talk about that before talking about the actual movie.

So join me today as I break down what the Jared Leto superhero movie should’ve looked like and whether any of it could’ve been a success. After you’re done, be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button for more awesome Marvel content like this. Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get started!


00:00 Intro
00:35 The Post Credit Scenes
03:20 Dr. Michael Borebius
05:36 His Name is Lucien!
07:33 Other Villains: Spider-Man?
09:44 Supporting Cast
12:10 R-Rating
13:26 Comic Morbius
15:05 The Sonyverse’s Future

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