What It Was Really Like To See The Empire Strikes Back In 1980

When discussing the original “Star Wars” trilogy, many agree that the middle installment — “The Empire Strikes Back — is the best one. Of course, not everyone will consider it their favorite, but it’s hard to deny its popularity. Considering how much of an impact it had, one might assume it was as popular in 1980 as it is today. But believe it or not, when the film premiered in theaters, audiences had a slightly different reaction than you might have thought. This is what it was really like to see “The Empire Strikes Back” in 1980.

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Unresolved questions | 0:00
"I am your father" | 1:14
Who is ‘another’? | 2:29
"I know" | 3:29
Positive fan reactions | 4:22
Starlog critic’s review | 5:19
Readers strike back | 6:17
Critics were mixed | 6:58
Yoda Fett | 8:17
Familiar backlash | 9:28

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