Movie Content Plus Video What If Spider-Man Was On Captain America’s Civil War Team?

What If Spider-Man Was On Captain America’s Civil War Team?

Spider-Man and Iron Man have one of the best relationships in the entire MCU. Throughout just a few movies, they established a great mentor/mentee type of relationship that drove a lot of their stories in Phase 3. In fact, Spider-Man’s relationship with Iron Man has been one of the main focuses of Peter’s character arc, with some people expressing their concerns that Peter was just an Iron Man Jr. So what if things were different? What if during Civil War, circumstances were different and Captain America became Peter’s mentor instead? How would that ripple effect change the entire MCU as we know it? Well that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Would Peter become a fugitive just like Captain America? How would that affect Homecoming? Would Peter’s villains be different so that Vulture wouldn’t necessarily be an Iron Man villain? What does that mean for Infinity War and Endgame? Would Peter still be on that spaceship to Titan or would he have instead stayed on Earth to fight with Captain America? Post-Endgame, what would Peter’s arc be if he doesn’t go through his “next Iron Man” phase in Far From Home? There’s so many exciting possibilities that I can’t wait to talk about today!

So join me as I discuss what would happen if Spider-Man was on Captain America’s team in Civil War. After you’re done, be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button and be sure to leave a comment letting me know your thoughts! Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get started.



0:00 Intro
0:36 Recruiting Peter Parker
2:34 Switching Sides
3:50 Captain America: Mentor
5:29 The Vulture
6:51 Captain America and Bucky Barnes
8:39 Team Captain America
10:16 Infinity War
11:30 Endgame
12:59 Spider-Man: Far From Home
13:30 Falcon and the Winter Soldier
14:13 Spider-Man: No Way Home
14:52 The Future

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