Movie Content Plus Video What If Deadpool Fought The Avengers?

What If Deadpool Fought The Avengers?

Why must our beloved heroes always throw punches? As much as we would like for Deadpool’s transition into the MCU to be a seamless one, who has the guy met and not fought? He went straight for Collosus’ not so sensitive area, and absolutely attacked Negasonic Teenage Warhead with insults. It’s impossible to believe Deadpool would come to the MCU and not bring his own brand of comedic violence, and aim it right at the Avengers. Have you ever wondered what would happen in the MCU if the one and only Deadpool joined the team? Well, he probably draws his swords and makes it R rated right away. Let’s take a look and see what would happen if Deadpool fought the Avengers!

Join us as we break the MCU heroes into categories based on their fighting ability. There’s the brains of the MCU, those who are master spies and assassins, the toughest of the tough and even those with s special magical touch. The truth of the matter is if the MCU takes the comic route, it may not be all fun and games right away with the introduction of someone like Deadpool. No honestly it would probably be a lot more violent than you would initially suspect. There are several comic storylines where Deadpool fights the Avengers before initially joining them. Take Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe for example. Does a title like that really make you think they were all holding hands and singing songs around a campfire probably made of burning corpses from Deadpool’s latest victims? Not so shockingly Deadpool rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but just how would he fare against the current roster of MCU Avengers? Be sure to leave a like, comment, and subscribe, and let us know which ones if any MCU Avengers could be the one to take down the Merc with a Mouth.



0:00 Intro
0:15 Finesse
2:14 Brute Strength
4:38 Brains
7:01 That Special Something
10:02 Nobody

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