WESTWORLD Season 4 Episode 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review, Easter Eggs, Theories And More

WESTWORLD Season 4 Episode 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review, Easter Eggs, Theories And More. We breakdown, review, recap, explain and give lots of Theory Time over the new Westworld Episode titled ‘Well Enough Alone.’ What’s going on with Delores/Christina? The New Park? The Flies? Hale? Lert’s talk about.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul and Westworld Season 4 episode 2 knocks it out the park as we end up going into a new one.

Whether you’re out of the loop or just getting into one we’re gonna be breaking down all the easter eggs, hidden details and our big theories over whats’ coming next time.

-Insert wild theories

We open with Clementine Pennyfeather who we see is living a lowkey life by herself.

We last saw her in episode 7 of Season 3 when she appeared in Jakarta at the beginning of the entry. She went head to head with the Delores copy that was in Musashi and this could explain why Halores ends up sending the Man In Black after her.

He wants to know where Maeve is and though this is thought to take place in the present, it could have happened at any point during the 8 years after the fall of Rehoboam. They would of course be searching for her and Clementine actually ends up getting reprogrammed so that she becomes part of their forces. Clementine was revealed to be one of the very first hosts in the second season and the end of that one also revealed she had a deadly virus within her that made the hosts attack each other. Potentially this could have been studied by Hale in order to figure out a way to alter the human consciouness so we turn on one another like what we saw with the cartel.

We also got our theory right that this version of William is the copy that was introduced at the end of season 3. As we pointed out in our last breakdown, the real William lost his fingers in the park whereas this one has all his digits. We’ll talk later on about what’s happened to him and we get way more of the plan laid out.

Elsewhere we see Maeve and Caleb who travel out to the senator house that we saw in Brighams memory last week. We discover that both the Senator and his wife are duplicates and that, similar to William, they also carry the same personalities. I believe that this is because Halores managed to crack the fidelity issues that ended up making James Delos’ immortalisation programme break.

In the second season we watched as they attempted to place his consciouness into a machine but this failed over and over again. However, Season 2 had a post credits scene in which William returned to a room in order to test for Fidelity. Though humans were unable to crack the code on how to copy someone it makes sense that the machines would be able to as they’ve existed in host bodies their entire lives. Therefore I think that Hale made this breakthrough and now she’s attempting to replace high ranking citizens such as The Senator, the vice president and as many VIPs as she can.

We discover that Hale has been hard at work and how many she has in her army.

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