Movie Content Plus Video West Side Story Earns Just $10 Million in Slow Weekend at the Box Office

West Side Story Earns Just $10 Million in Slow Weekend at the Box Office

Audiences did not turn out in droves to see Steven Spielberg’s latest film West Side Story, with the remake only earning $10.5 million in its debut. While critics have praised the film for its artistry and representation, the financial result did not mirror the same outpouring of acclaim. With a little film on the horizon called Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s hard to say just how well West Side Story will have performed in the end.

Musicals have been a hard sell for audiences in 2021, with West Side Story making just a tad less than In the Heights back in June, and around $3 million more than the critically-reviled Dear Evan Hansen. Spielberg made the remake of the classic musical for around $100 million, so this $10 million opening has to sting a bit for the iconic director, Disney and 20th Century Studios. Yet West Side Story really is the only musical film in theatres (with the exception of family fare like Encanto and Sing 2), so here’s hoping it will have some staying power at the domestic box office.

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