Movie Content Plus Video Weird: The Al Yankovic Story: Movie vs Real Life

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story: Movie vs Real Life


Since 1976, Weird Al Yankovic has been bringing us intricately realised parodies of some of the most beloved popular songs in the world. He turned Beat It into Eat It. Like A Virgin transformed into Like A Surgeon. Gangsta’s Paradise became Amish Paradise. Smells Like Teen Spirit mutated, becoming Smells Like Nirvana. He’s combined American Pie with Star Wars in The Saga Begins. The guy is the master of taking a piece of music and changing the lyrics to be about that thing, or about another thing, but in the style of the original thing.

And now he has turned his hand to the musical biographical film, the genre that gave us Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, Walk The Line, Ray and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. And things will never be the same.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Evan Rachel Wood, Rainn Wilson and – believe it or not – Al Yankovich, co-written and directed by Eric Appel (Silicon Valley, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Selfie, New Girl and Last Week Tonight With John Oliver) and featuring the likes of Jack Black and Conan O’Brien, this is the parody biopic to end them all. It’s as intricate and full of gags, jokes and half-truths as any song in his discography – and in this video, we’re going to be diving right into the facts, the fiction, the lies, the invention, the mystery and the wonder of Alfred Matthew Yankovich. All the spoilers, all the things you missed, all the details from the trailer and beyond.

Let’s get weird!


0:00 – Intro
0:17 – A Non-Traditional Biopic
1:54 – Fact Vs Fiction
6:48 – The Music
8:21 – Not Method Acting
10:39 – Famous Faces
12:40 – Did You Know
13:14 – Form And Function

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Written by: S Mohamed
Narrated by: Patrice Scott
Edited by: Patrice Scott

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