Movie Content Plus Video Watch This Before You See The Sandman

Watch This Before You See The Sandman

Some fans thought it would never happen, but Netflix is finally bringing The Sandman to live action. Who was trusted to bring the enigmatic Dream to life? And who rounds out the rest of this all-star cast? Watch this before you see "The Sandman."

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Release date | 0:00
The cast of Sandman | 1:20
The plot | 2:47
Revelations from the trailer | 3:57
The first cast member | 5:00
Lucifer recast | 5:54
Johanna Constantine | 7:15
Twitter casting | 8:30
Casting the Corinthian | 9:09
Casting Dream | 9:59
Episode 6 | 10:58
Impact of the pandemic | 11:50

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