Movie Content Plus Video Wakanda Forever: TWO Vibranium Meteorites Origin Explained!

Wakanda Forever: TWO Vibranium Meteorites Origin Explained!

Black Panther Wakanda Forever reveals a SECOND vibranium meteorite created Talokan and Namor… could this have been the Celestial seed of Tiamut from Eternals? Get your hands on your own Geologie regimen now with my 70% discount here & save an additional 30% off the new co-wash when you add it to your trial – Thank you to Geologie for sponsoring this video.

Where does vibranium come from in the MCU? Was it sent to Earth by Celestials? Erik Voss looks deeper into Black Panther Wakanda Forever and its parallels to Eternals to explain how vibranium is very likely linked to the origin of Celestials, and how a sympathetic cosmic entity could have blessed Earth with vibranium as a defense mechanism!

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Comically Inclined Studios
Karen Wang
Rick Denmon

Writen by: Erik Voss
Producer: Erik Voss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Producer: Brandon Barrick
NRDS Chief Creative Officer: Filup Molina
Post Production Supervisor: Riley Auskelis
Staff Editors: Drew Coombs, Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Aaron Carrion
Camera Operator: Dashiell Hamingson

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