WAKANDA FOREVER Trailer BREAKDOWN: Easter Eggs + Who Is The New Black Panther?

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The trailer for Wakanda Forever has arrived! We break down all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Easter Eggs and connections, break down who Namor is, and who the secret villain in the movie could be.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Srinidhi Rao, and Ryan Arey

#BlackPanther I’m #wakandaforever

The song is set to “No woman no cry,” by bob marley and the wailers. It’s a pe4fect choice for a few reasons. One, the ruling body of wakanda is now all women. Shuri, Ramonda, Okoye, Ayo, and Nakia are all the main characters of the movie, and they’re all mourning t”challsa. The song is basically saying, don;t worry women, there’s no need to cry.

IN this case, after the passing of the king, wakanda is in a state of turmoil. The royal family doesn;t have the luxury of mourning, because there are outsiders who want to take advantage of t’challa’s passing to weaken wakanda.

Bob Marley, like Chadwick Boseman, also died young, at the age of 36–so that memory is entrenched in this trailer. The song is ultimately optimistic, saying that even though bad things have happened to us, the future looks bright.

So we start off with Nakia, looking out into the sea. Personally, I love these characters, and I hope she’s the one who becomes black panther at the end [roulette wheel] place your bets.

Nakia is looking out to the sea..foreshadowing the arrival of namor. But also, notice that there is what appears to be a mayab temple in the background, playing this scene on the shores of Mexico. The actor =who plays Namor, tee-noche Huerta is Mexican, and we see the Atlanteans wearing what looks like modified Mayan headdresses.

Now we’re going to talk more about Namor and the Atlanteans in just a bit, but first I gotta say this is a pretty on point redesign. The first bl;ack panther movie has strong themes about colonialism and exploitation of Africa by the west. [colonizer! When killmonger says where did that artifact come from]

And the mayan culture was erased by a right bastard named Cortez. So wakanda and atlantis are both these indigenous cultures who survived being purged by european colonizers. I have a theory about how that theme will factor into the movie’s story that I’ll go over in just a bit.

Next we see queen Ramonda and Okoye walking to tino shuri’s lab. After the passing of T’Challa, I think their primary concern is going to be the recreation of the heart shaped herb. Remember, the panther goddess bast led the first wakandans to the herb [clip]. And the wakandans cultivated them for thousands of years, till killmonger came along [clip].

Snow, maybe shuri, is trying to synthesize the herb, or finding traces of it around the world, so they can crown a new black panther.

A little explanation on that. The black panther is the avatar of the panther goddess bast on earth.

Doug: Avatars like in moon knight.

Kind of, yeah. And traditionally the king is usuAlly the blck panther–but not always. In the civil war, king t’chaka had already passed the mantle of blck panther to his son, T’challa, before he died.

Now the obvious choice for the queue is shuri. Long story short, she was queen of wakanda for a while in the comics. In tchal;las absence, her action led to war with Atlantis, which I’ll go over in just a little bit.

Next we see Ramonda on the throne, probably as a steward more than a queen. Remember, wakandans choose their successors through trial by combat [does anyone want top challenge]

As for how t’challa dies in the film…my guess is that it will just be from cancer. Hat would be much more tasteful than having him die in battle offscreen or something like that. It would also obviously hit hard for all of us, knowing how bravely Chadwick Boseman foguth the disease, in secret, for years.

Then we see these people in white, doing a ceremonial dance. This is likely the funeral of t’challa, set more as a celebration of his life. But shuri is in mourning–tough to watch, since the character was always so lighthearted [can we go home yet]

Now this symbol on top, that kind of looks like the sigil of the republic, features 8 spikes united at the center. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this symbol represents Wakandan unity. Bringing together the five tribes, the will of bast, the golden city, and necropolis, eliminated by the great mound of vibranium.

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