Villains Created By The Avengers

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There sure do seem to be a lot of Marvel characters, huh? Well, you’re not wrong, and the names just keep piling up if you move from the movies to the original comics. The Avengers alone are associated with many dozens of villains, and this leads to an interesting question: Are the Avengers a necessary group to fight off naturally occurring baddies out in the wild…or are the Avengers themselves causing these freaks to come out of the woodwork? We’ll consider the latter option in the following video, exploring the web of trauma, grudge-holding, and intrigue that created the narrative framework by which a whole bastion of bad guys was born. Here’s all the villains created by the Avengers.

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Ultron | 0:00
Kang the Conqueror and Immortus | 1:29
The Masters of Evil | 2:50
Wonder Man and The Grim Reaper | 4:11
Squadron Sinister | 5:37
Super Adaptoid | 6:53
Galen Kor | 7:50
Legion of the Unliving | 8:46
Lethal Legion | 9:33
Proctor and the Gatherers | 10:24
The MCU | 11:38

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