Vikings: Valhalla Scenes That Brought The Brutality

Berserker rage, grisly punishments, human sacrifice, and all-out war! "Vikings: Valhalla" bleeds violence in every episode, but these are the scenes that went too far! Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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The St. Brice’s Day Massacre | 0:00
Starcrossed vengeance | 1:08
Leif kills a killer | 2:04
The berserker attack | 3:09
Beheading the Ealdorman | 3:58
The slaughtered village | 5:01
A brother’s sacrifice | 5:38
The ship of the dead | 6:30
Sacrifice to Odin | 7:52
A brutal showdown | 8:43
Leif’s berserker rage | 9:38

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