Movie Content Plus Entertainment UNCHARTED Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Spoiler Review

UNCHARTED Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Spoiler Review

UNCHARTED Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Spoiler Review. We explain Uncharted 2022 starring Tom Holland. This includes a plot recap, review and we also talk about the game easter eggs and what could be happening in a sequel.

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0:00 Uncharted Ending Explained Intro
0:39 Nathan Drake Origin Story
1:15 Uncharted Story Breakdown
1:26 Sully
2:01 Once A Thief
2:19 Moncada
2:34 Braddock
2:50 Chloe
3:26 The Plane Scene
3:57 Nolan North Cameo
4:09 Sam, Chloe And Elena
4:50 Movie Ending And Game Easter Eggs
6:55 First Credits Scene
7:37 Second Post Credits Scene
8:53 Uncharted Review

Ok so Uncharted is now out in the UK and the movie brings Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan to the screen in a big bad way. I’m aware that the movie isn’t out in the US yet so if you wanna learn our spoiler free thoughts on it then time codes will be linked below. The end of the video should give you our general thoughts without going into too much detail but from here on out it’s full spoilers ahead.

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With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into Uncharted.

Ok so though Uncharted isn’t a direct adaptation of the games, it does cherry pick certain parts of them. Like we learned in the fourth game, Nate grew up with his brother Sam in an orphanage overseen by Nuns. Told that they were direct decendants of Sir Francis Drake the pair became fascinated with history. After a run in with the police Sam ended up being a naughty dog and he ran away from the Orphanage. However he left behind a ring which belonged to Drake that I’m sure you’ll recognise from the games. This plays heavily into the post credits scene which we’ll talk about later on in the video and how that sets up a sequel.

Nate spent 15 years on his own in New York, making a living through Bartending whilst also pick pocketing on the side.

Well, youve got to pick a pocket or two.

One fateful night he meets Victor Sullivan an old friend of Sams who’d worked with him in trying to track down the Magellan Fortune. This is the largest amount of undiscovered gold in the world and the key to finding it lies in two crucifix keys. Sully initially tells Drake that they can help find his brother but it’s revealed in the film that Victor actually believes that Sam is dead and he’s just really using Nate. Sam used to write postcards to Nate all the time and Sully believes that there’s a secret he told him which will help uncover the fortune.

Much like the original game, Nate kinda goes back and forth over whether he should trust Sully or not and at several points, the side characters say he must-ask what really happened.

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