Umbrella Academy Season 3 Interview: Get to Know Ritu Arya

The cast of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy was electric in Season 1. One’s got to imagine it’s a challenge to join such an ensemble and encourage the audience to fall for your character just as hard, but Ritu Arya did just that in the second season as Lila Pitts.

When we first meet Lila in the hit Netflix series, her adoptive mother, The Handler (Kate Walsh), has her assisting in her mission to overthrow the authority at The Commission so she can assume control. However, after succeeding in that plan, Lila comes to learn that The Handler is responsible for the murder of her biological mother and stepfather, putting their entire relationship in question. Diego (David Castañeda) and the Umbrellas try to convince Lila that they can be her family, but after The Handler is shot, Lila opts to take off with the briefcase.

Season 3 picks up immediately after the events of Season 2 with the Umbrellas making their way home sweet home to present-day New York — or so they think. Their home now belongs to The Sparrow Academy, an alternative version of their super-powered family. Ultimately, Lila does make her way back to the group to test this notion of family in an unexpected way; she tells Diego that they had a son together, Stanley (Javon Walton).

With The Umbrella Academy Season 3 now available to watch — or, let’s get real, to binge on Netflix, Arya joined us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night Pre-Party to retrace her steps in the industry and discuss how she scored a role on one of the streamer’s hottest shows.

Hear all about it on this edition of Collider Ladies Night!

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00:00 Introduction
00:44 Shah Rukh Khan
01:25 Step #1
03:00 Studying Astrophysics vs. Drama School
07:50 Dealing with Rejections
11:15 Doctors
12:50 Going from Stage to Screen
14:36 The Umbrella Academy: First Impression of Lila
16:19 Doing Her Own Thing on Set
17:47 Working with David Castañeda
18:43 Lila’s One-Liners
20:42 Her Core Quality for Lila
22:19 Season 3: The Fight Scene She Suggested
24:55 Filming VFX Heavy Scenes
26:41 When Lila Found Out She’s Pregnant
27:50 Lila’s Last Line in Season 3
28:50 Lila’s Power Loss
30:06 The Barbie Movie



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