Tragic Details About The Cast Of Stranger Things

Netflix’s hit sci-fi series "Stranger Things" collected an impressive ensemble of stars, bringing in Hollywood fixtures like Winona Ryder while launching the careers of others, like Millie Bobby Brown. In fact, most of the children on the show are now household names thanks to their "Stranger Things" fame, and have since gone on to star in other TV shows and blockbuster films. But all that fame can’t cover up their personal struggles. From antisemitism to mental health disorders to surprising legal troubles, many of the cast members of "Stranger Things" have had their share of hardships. Here are the tragic details about the cast of "Stranger Things" you might not know about.

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Millie Bobby Brown’s parents’ sacrifice | 0:00
Finn Wolfhard fired his agent in 2017 | 1:21
Winona Ryder was subjected to antisemitism | 2:26
Gaten Matarazzo’s genetic disorder | 3:48
David Harbour’s bipolar diagnosis | 4:50
Charlie Heaton’s legal woes | 5:58
Maya Hawke’s dyslexia | 7:01

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