Movie Content Plus Video Top Gun Maverick Flight Training: Dogfight, Bombing Run & More!

Top Gun Maverick Flight Training: Dogfight, Bombing Run & More!

I am well aware that I truly have the need for speed. I just never thought I’d actually get the chance to embrace it Top Gun-style! 

In celebration of the digital release of Top Gun: Maverick, I got to take to the skies and train to fly just like the cast of the film did. At Sky Combat Ace’s San Diego location, I got to hop in the world’s most advanced aerobatic stunt plane, the Extra 330, the exact aircraft the cast of Top Gun: Maverick used for their own training. Yes, there was a licensed pilot in the plane with me, Sky Combat Ace owner and founder, Richard “Tex” Cole, in fact, but when I tell you he actually handed the controls over to me mid-flight, I’m not kidding.

Perhaps this is a sign that I didn’t do enough research on the incredible experiences Sky Combat Ace has to offer, but before heading to San Diego, I just assumed I’d be getting in a plane and going really fast. Which still would have been super cool! But after going through the event orientation, it became abundantly clear that my flight would be far more interactive than that.

After take-off and demonstrating a few maneuvers, Cole handed the controls over to yours truly for a gun warm-up exercise before launching into a dogfight competition with another journalist. As Cole described, “Think laser tag in the sky.” From there it was on to a low-level bombing run designed to feel like the one executed in Top Gun: Maverick. And don’t worry; Cole maintained control for that one. But I did get to drop the bomb when the time came. See it all for yourself in the video at the top of this article!

Not only is Top Gun: Maverick still playing in theaters, but it’s also available to watch digitally at home.

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