Movie Content Plus Video Top 10 Scariest Moon Knight Moments

Top 10 Scariest Moon Knight Moments

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As was implied in the trailer for his series, Moon Knight’s life often feels like a waking nightmare due to his dissociative identity disorder and connection to Khonshu. Join me as we revisit some of the most horrifying moments in his life as we count down the top 10 scariest Moon Knight moments right here on Top 10 Nerd!

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Becomes Heroes
1:10 – Death
2:20 – Unkillable Moon Knight
3:15 – Mummified
4:04 – Facing Morpheus
4:56 – Daddy Khonshu
5:51 – Branding
6:54 – The Hatchet Man
8:03 – Dark Secrets
8:53 – Face Off

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