Top 10 Poison Ivy Love Interests

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Dc comics Batman has long been known for having a fantastic rogues gallery a.k.a supervillains. One of the oldest is Poison Ivy who like most in his universe has also had many a romance. Harley Quinn, Batman, Robin all people Dr Pamela Isley has hooked up with, find out all about the Top 10 Poison Ivy Love Interests here on Top 10 Nerd.

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Catwoman
1:00 – Darshan Bapna
1:45 – Dick Grayson
2:32 – Dr. Marc LeGrande
3:16 – Superman
4:08 – Harvey Dent
5:01 – Clayface
5:43 – Batman
6:31 – Floronic Man
7:21 – Harley Quinn

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